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Our Seger Ancestors in Friesenheim Germany

The sources of the following information are;
* The Ortssippenbuch of Friesenheim, Baden, Germany
* The Friesenheim Katholic church registers
* The Friesenheim civil registers.

Our first documented Seger ancestor was Adam Seger. He was born 1674 in Friesenheim, Baden Germany. On 27 Jul 1705 he married Anna “Margaretha” Berni, daughter of Klaus Berni and Maria Schuh. Margaretha was born 23 Feb 1682 in Friesenheim. Seven children were born to Adam and Margaretha;
• Matthäus, born 21 Sep 1705 – died ?
• Anna Maria, born 24 Feb 1707 - died 10 Oct 1713
• Johann Georg, born 5 May 1710 - died 27 Oct 1748
• Anna Maria, born 23 Feb 1714 - died ??
• Franz Joseph, born 19 Mar 1717 – died ??
• Maria Katharina, born 15 Jan 1720 - died ??
• Philipp Jacob, born 27 Dec 1722 - died ??
• Christophorus, born 1724 - died 4 May 1725

Margaretha died 8 Jan 1730.

On 16 Apr 1731, Adam married Katharina Baumann, daughter of Matthias Baumann and Anna Maria Gänßle. Katharina was born 3 Feb 1690 at Oberweier, Baden, Germany. Her family was from Oberweier. Adam and Katharina were married at Friesenheim. Three children were born to Adam and Katharina;
• Katharina, born 18 Jan 1732 - died13 Mar 1789
• Johann Michael, born 9 Oct 1734 - died 3 Jun 1806 (**see generation two)
• Maria Rosa, born 24 Aug 1737 - died 18 Mar 1740.

Adam died after 1737 and Katharina died 30 Dec 1762 at Oberweier, Baden, Germany.

Johann Michael Seeger, son of Adam Seger and Katharina Baumann was born 9 Oct 1734 at Friesenheim and died 3 Jun 1806 at Oberweier. On 3 Feb 1765 Johann married Magdalena Fischbach, daughter of Benedict Fischbach and Anna Maria Kramer, at Oberweier, Baden, Germany. Magdalena was born 3 Aug 1746 at Heilgenzell, Baden, Germany and died 26 Dec 1822 at Oberweier. Johann and Magdalena were the parents of 9 children:
• Franz “Joseph”, born 26 Nov 1765 - died 25 Jan 1833 (**see generation three)
• Maria Anna, born 3 Aug 1767 died - 25 Apr 1833
• Georg Johann, born 25 Apr 1770 - died 14 Feb 1798
• Johann, born 2 Jan 1773 - died 20 Mar 1839
• Theresia, born 3 Sep 1776 - died 12 Oct 1819
• Katherine, born 24 Nov 1778 – died 20 Oct 1781
• Magdalena, born 22 Apr 1782 - died 20 Oct 1782
• Casper, born 6 Jan 1784 - died 18 Oct 1805
• Magdalena, born 4 Jan 1786 - died 20 May 1853

All of the children were born at Oberweier, Baden, Germany.

Franz “Josef” Seeger, son of Johann Michael Seger and Magdalena Fischbach, was born 26 Nov 1765 at Oberweier. On 1 Jul 1793 he married Maria “Eleanora” Heitzmann, daughter of Matthias Heitzmann and Barbara Schultz, at Friesenheim. Eleanora was born 17 Feb 1774 at Freisenheim and died 8 Jan 1833 at Friesenheim.

Joseph and Eleonora had seven children;
• Maria Anna, born 13 Mar 1796 died ??
• Leopold, born 18 Sep 1798 - died after 1864) (**Emigrated to America)
• Magdalena, born 19 Dec 1800 - died14 Jan 1804
• Lorenz, born 18 Oct 1803 - died 29 Mar 1815
• Magdalena, born 24 May 1806 - died 28 Nov 1891 (**Emigrated to America)
• Josef, born 29 Mar 1808 - Died 29 Sep 1877 (**Emigrated to America)
• Egidius "Egidi", born 1 Sep 1810 - died 24 Jan 1879

All of the children were born at Friesenheim, Baden, Germany

GENERATION FOUR - Our Ancestors to America
Three of the children of Joseph and Eleanora immigrated to the United States.

Josef immigrated to the United States in ca 1842 and settled at Chicago. He married Margaretha Blasius and they had 6 children, all born in Chicago.

Magdalena married Christian Braun, son of Anton Johann Braun and Maria Anna Ernst, on 5 Jun 1833 at Steinbach, Baden, Germany. They had seven children. The first four were born at Steinbach and three were born at Gross Point, Cook County, Illinois. This family immigrated to the United States ca 1844.

Leopold married Eleanora Glaser, daughter of Franz “Antonius” Glaser and Juliana NUß, on 11 Apr 1825 at Freisenheim, Baden, Germany. Leopold and Eleanora were the parents of eight children. Only two, Donatus and Bernard, lived past infancy. Donatus immigrated to the United States in 1852. He settled in Chicago, near his uncle Josef, where he married and had several children. In 1864 he returned to Germany and escorted his parents and his nephew, Joseph F. Seger, to his home at Chicago. Joseph was aged 9 when he immigrated.

In the 1880's Leopold Albert Seger, Sophia Seger and Anna Maria Seger each immigrated to America. They were children of Bernard, nephew and neices of Donat, brother and half-sisters of Joseph F. Seger.

Ortssippenbuch of Friesenheim – What is it?

Orts = place ie; village, town, city
Sippen = kinship
Buch = book

Ortssippenbuch Friesenheim (Genealogical Register for the Village of Friesenheim), by Adolf Gänshirt with contributions from Klaus Siefer and Erich Reinbhold, published Lahr Dinglingen, 1986.

An Ortssippenbuch is, so to speak, a township’s genealogical reference book, recording the genealogical information of all of the inhabitants. The information is extracted from church and civil records and, to some extent, personal interviews, manuscripts and other sources.

For genealogists researching in Germany an Ortssippenbuch is an outstanding resource. They have been published for only a few of the many German locations. We are fortunate that one has been published for Friesenheim and also for Oberweier.

The Ortssippenbuch Friesenheim includes the resident population of Friesenheim for over three hundred years. In the church books from Freisenheim numerous entries are contained from the villages of Oberweier and Heiligenzell and show the inter-relationships between the families of these neighboring communities. These entries were partially accepted in this kinship book, as well as some entries from the church books of the surrounding villages.

Adolf Gänshirt (12 Oct 1891 – 20 Jan 1964) was a highly respected researcher and head teacher. His extensive work is the basis of the Friesenheim Ortssippenbuch. His work included transcriptions of the Protestant church-books of 1640 up to the year 1957, transcriptions of the Catholic church-books of 1676 until the year 1902, an alphabetical listing of all families with the personal data of births, names of children, marriages and deaths. There were also family chronicles, family trees and genealogical trees of many Friesenheim families, and various essays and reports.

After his death in 1964 his files were gathered from the archives of the community of Friesenheim. There was a new overwork of the entire material, corrections made, supplements added, codification with all published Ortssippenbucherns, all being incorporated into the resulting Friesenheim Ortssippenbuch.

The following posting is the first page of Seger information in the Freisenheim Ortssippenbuch.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Page 696 from Friesenheim Ortssippenbuch

This is page 696 from the Friesenheim Ortssippenbuch. It is the first page recording the Seger families. Below the image is the coding used to interpret the document. Click on the image to open an enlarged view. You can save and/or print the image from there. When you are finished, use the back arrow to return to this screen.

27.7.1705 married that date (27 Jul 1705)
[II =4250]married a second time-see family number
. . . . . .No information found
[aus 283]that person's birth family number
S.d.Son of
T.d.Daughter of
u.d.and wife
geb.Birth/maiden name
OSBOrtsippenbuch of the village
also lists family number

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About Freisenheim, Baden, Germany

Friesenheim is a municipality in the Ortenaukreis, in western Baden-Württemberg, . . . . . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Friesenheim Catholic records which cover the years 1664 through 1962. They include a family book for the years 1598 through 1680. Friesenheim was formerly an affiliate of Ichenheim, Kippenheim, and Lahr parishes.

Evangelical parishFreistett Evangelical parish was established in 1579. 1559-1579 Freistett was an affiliate of Rheinbischofsheim. Ulm (Offenburg) was the Mother Church for Freistett and other villages. Neufreistett is an affiliate of Freistett Evangelical parish, and Memprechtshofen (Landkreis Rastaat) was an affiliate until 1792 and then again 1805-1841. Freistatt Evangelical church recods began 1621, and included Memprechtshofen until 1792.

Jewish sources – Jewish Standesbuch for Neufreistett 1833-1870.

Former Political Jurisdictions: Amtsgericht Kehl; Landkreis Kehl

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Karen Davis Profile

My goal is to record my ancestral grandparents and to remember their descendants who, through many generations, have contributed to the American experience.

Through the years the men and women of my family have played their part in all the great themes of United States history. It seems to me that my ancestors are representative of the American family of business and professional people, farmers, laborers, artists and clergymen, etc. whose lives reveal in small detail the major features of United State history.

This blog is meant to serve as a special electronic place to record my search and serve as a depository for copies of original documents from my genealogical and historical research.

I am the great granddaughter of Joseph F. Seger who immigrated from Freisenheim Germany to America in 1864. His uncle, Donat Seger, had immigrated in 1852. In 1864 Donat returned to Germany and escorted his parents, Leopold Seger and Eleanora Glaser and his nephew Joseph F. Seger to the United States. They settled in Chicago. The family, including Joseph, relocated to Omaha Nebraska about 1878.

About 1880 Donat and his family removed to Atkinson Nebraska where they remained and many descendants are there today.

Joseph stayed at Omaha, married, raised his family there and is buried in the family plot at Forest Lawn Cemetery.