Sunday, January 1, 2006

Karen Davis Profile

My goal is to record my ancestral grandparents and to remember their descendants who, through many generations, have contributed to the American experience.

Through the years the men and women of my family have played their part in all the great themes of United States history. It seems to me that my ancestors are representative of the American family of business and professional people, farmers, laborers, artists and clergymen, etc. whose lives reveal in small detail the major features of United State history.

This blog is meant to serve as a special electronic place to record my search and serve as a depository for copies of original documents from my genealogical and historical research.

I am the great granddaughter of Joseph F. Seger who immigrated from Freisenheim Germany to America in 1864. His uncle, Donat Seger, had immigrated in 1852. In 1864 Donat returned to Germany and escorted his parents, Leopold Seger and Eleanora Glaser and his nephew Joseph F. Seger to the United States. They settled in Chicago. The family, including Joseph, relocated to Omaha Nebraska about 1878.

About 1880 Donat and his family removed to Atkinson Nebraska where they remained and many descendants are there today.

Joseph stayed at Omaha, married, raised his family there and is buried in the family plot at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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